Gastspiel open house theatre - in english


by Jim Helsinger – in english

Sent to Castle Dracula to deliver deeds to the infamous Count, Jonathan Harker has no idea the journey he is about to embark on in this tour- de-force thrill ride. Once he arrives, Jonathan finds himself being held captive by the eerie and cryptic Count and finding horrific sights behind some of the castle‘s closed doors. Only after he escapes is his worst fear confirmed: Count Dracula is an undead creature of the night. With the help of Van Helsing and other friends, Jonathan sets off on a mission to find and destroy the Count before he becomes more powerful than ever, risking his life to save the lives of those he loves.



ab 24. Oktober 2023
ab 24. Oktober 2023


Pete Steele


Maria Lohn and Ricky McMurry